Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday's Adventures

I had the first part of this week online class and no work!! So on Tuesday my brother and I hopped into the car and were on our way about an hour north of where I live to an outlet mall we have. It's about five minutes from Frankenmuth, MI. I wanted to stop in the downtown area of Frankenmuth to see if there were any antique shops and on our way there I spotted a huge one on the corner of the road. It was the only building around, as the rest of the area has farms and such. I convinced my brother to go in with me and boy was I glad!! I found some awesome stuff!! I got some more silverware for my craft projects - only 50 cents each!!! But that wasn't the biggest deal of the day (since I can usually find them for that price or even lower). Here's my big deal of the day:
Vintage Patterns!!! We were walking around the store in a little mock kitchen there was this box shoved in the 1930's stove. I wondered what was in there, so I pulled it out and there were all these vintage patterns and the box read 50 cents each. I was so excited!!!! I went through it and picked out the ones that I liked. I was even more lucky that most of them were close to my size!! Here's what I picked (sorry the pictures are blurry):

I also found a huge selection of vintage magazines, which I collect. The guy was asking a really high amount and I started to walk away. Then I spotted a box that was marked "Magazines $1.00" I was sooo excited, only till the guy told me that was wrong but he would cut me a deal and give me both for only $8.00. I was in the mood to splurge so I went for it. I don't have any POSTs in my collection yet, so it was worth it.
This one is from 1941.

This one is from 1950.

I can't believe how fast time flies by!! I am going to be leaving for vacation in a little more than a week and I have so much to get ready for!! Adam and I have a wedding to go to the day before we leave and I am planning on making my own dress. I am hoping to start on that tomorrow!! More later!!



Amy said...

I love the coat pattern the best...let's sew!

jaqueleliywn said...

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