Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday Farmer's Market

So, I have been meaning to update but summer is keeping me busy. I had a blast this past Sunday at the flea market! I got a lot of stuff for all under $5.00. That's my budget every week - I try never to spend more than that. So here's my finds!

I got four more Fire King's to add to my collection. I'm up to eight now and I think I am done with the little cups. I am now on the search for the bowls with the handle in the same color.

I also got this plate and bowl that I am going to use for a craft project. I post the finished project later. I found out when I got home and started to clean the dish that the silver was actually sterling silver!

I got a few other things at the flea market. Some sterling silver silverware for some craft projects that I am working on; four for a dollar! I also got an insolator that I have been searching for. I am also going to use this for a craft project. I'll post that when I finish it. I can't start it till I find another one. I had no clue what these insolators were until Adam and I were in a thrift store and I saw one and I said to him, "I know what these are called but it's driving me crazy that I don't know what they are for!" He said we should find the oldest person in the store and ask if he knows what they are. We did and he said that they were used on the top of Edison poles to cover the wires. Here's the one I got. I love the color of the glass!

I also got my apron swap in my mail about a week ago and forget to post it. I love it! I'm not usually a hugh fan of green, but I just loved the style of the apron! Here's a picture of it on a chair - I am still on a search for a dressform.

So that's all for now!



Amy said...

I love the apron! It would look cute with black capris and a little white tee. You are still my number one girl.
Love, Mom

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