Monday, August 18, 2008

Swaps and Sunday Flea Market

Yesterday was a productive day! I wanted to get my apron swap for Swap-Bot together and off in the mail before I left for my vacation. I also went, as always, to the Royal Oak flea market. Things must be slowing down there because summer is coming to an end because it was kinda empty this week. I was hoping to find an apron there, but all I ended up with was a clear candy dish that has the same pattern as some dessert plates I got from my grandma. I was bummed out when I got home because while washing it, I noticed a small chip. Oh Well..... I only paid $1.25. When I went inside I found a great deal on some vintage patterns and picked out one I liked along with the set of 10 vintage unused cards, and got them all for $5.00!! After the market, I went to my favorite antique mall to hunt down an apron. I ended up walking out with one for the swap and one for me, along with a vintage Fire King casserole dish in the prim-rose pattern. I picked that up for only $2.00!!
Here's what I sent for the Vintage Apron Swap. No peeking Mallory!! ;)

I loved the green dress at the bottom. Hopeful I will get to making it before Thanksgiving!

Here's the two dishes I picked up yesterday. I am going to look on eBay for a lid to fit the Fire King.

This is Lucy my "Walking Doll." She was my mom's and is from the '60s!! I thought I would try and model my new apron on her since I don't have a dressform yet.

Close up of the fabric. I am not really into half aprons, but I couldn't pass this one up. I just loved the design!! And you can't beat $3.00!!

I was so thrilled that they were unused!! I am going to scan in the images and use them as clip art!

Isn't the cowgirl and cowboy sooo cute??

Now I am off to shrink some material so I can get started on a few dresses. On Saturday, I skipped out on Detroit's Annual Dream Cruise (it's on Woodward Avenue and a whole bunch of classic cars cruise up and down and there are cook out and such!!) and went to Joann's to search for a pattern and material for my dress for the wedding. More about this in my post!!


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Amy said...

Lucy looks so different with the wig on. I still remember you wearing that little jumpsuit...sniff, sniff :)