Friday, August 8, 2008

Goodies In the Mail!!

I finally recieved the rest of the vintage patterns I ordered off of eBay! I was so thrilled when they came in the mail and they were just what I hoped for. Some of the sizing is a little off, nothing too major. I can't wait to search for the fabric to start making some new clothes.


I like the center view in black, it almost looks like a halter!


I am planning on trying to make my own bathing suit for next summer. I like how the bottoms give more coverage than those in the stores do!


This is kind of like a faux wrap dress, which I love! I am hoping to get it finished so I can wear it on my trip Up North!!

Well that's all for now... I didn't have much luck with garage sales today. Adam keep me busy helping him trying to find his brothers' birthday presents (their birthdays are the day after each other!). They are thinking of having a bbq tomorrow. Maybe I'll get busy and make this sun dress that I have been putting off doing so I can have something new to wear tomorrow and not go and buy something. I am looking forward to Sunday and my annual trip to R.O. for the flea market. I got to talking with some of the vendors and hopefully this week I'll get some better deals!! More later with what I find within my five dollar budget!