Friday, August 22, 2008

Lots and Lots of Pictures!!

Today was a very busy - but- fun day!!! I had a lot on my agenda to get accomplished. This weekend is fast approaching and I still have much to do!! I guess I can blame that on my need to stop by the antique mall for their outside sidewalk sale. I am soo glad that I did; I found some GREAT deals. Here's a picture of everything I got today (some of it is from a garage sale).

This set was the first thing I spotted at the sale. It is marked Godinger. I did a little research online and found that the company has been around for 30 or so it's not as old as I thought, but I only paid $4.00 for both and they are sterling silver. I just love them and don't care if they are old or not. I have always wanted a set, so now I am on a search for a mirror that will coordinate well.

The milk glass vase I got for $1.25. I was super excited!! The candle stick holder I got at the garage sale that I stopped at. It was only 50 cents. I asked the lady running the sale if she had a matching one and said that she received only one from her husband's mother. This helped me to confirm that it is Depression glass. I believe the pattern to be Diana.

I have looked at this plate almost every time I visit the mall and never have wanted to spend the $15.00 dollars for it. Could you believe that the vendor had marked the plate down all the way to $1.00!!!!

This pattern I got at the garage sale. It was only 10 cents!! I just love the set in yellow! This might be one of my next sewing projects!!

My excitement continued at the sale when I spotted these glasses!! At 50 cents each they had to be mine. The print it is excellent condition and these are a trademark 1940's juice/milk glass. The pattern is morning star. My 40's 50's and 60's glass book has not come in the mail yet, so I couldn't look them up to be 100% sure how much of deal I got. However, my Depression glass book featured some that were made in the late 1930's that were very similar; they were valued at $15.00 each!!!

I got these earrings to try and use them for some craft projects. I figured if they didn't work out I only lost $2.00.

I also got about ten vintage magazines, however, I forgot to take pictures. I got them all for about 40 cents each!!! Many of them are full color and have amazing vintage ads and graphics!! I'll post pictures in a later post!! :)

In my last post I mentioned that I was making a few dresses, one for the wedding and I was going to try and make one for the vacation. Well, I am a procrastinator and I have a feeling that I will only get around to making the one for the wedding. I started on it last night by shrinking the fabric and cutting it out. Today I got to the bodice, and finished most of that. I just need to sew up the seams under the arms. The rest should go pretty smoothly, since I feel that the hardest part is over. The bodice had some VERY curvy panels to it that were difficult to match!!

Here is the front of the dress before I sewed in the lining. I got the material on double clearance for $2.00 a yard and it was 60 inches so I only needed two yards. With all my supplies, I will have spent about $10 to $12 to make the whole thing. Definitely much cheaper than buying one!!

Here's the pattern I used. I am making the version that the girl is wearing on the top with the flowers and the scoop neck.

I am planning on wearing black shoes and Adam is going to wear an off white shirt and a black tie. Let me know what you think!!!