Sunday, May 25, 2014

Talking Mad "The Strategy"

After what many perceived to be a lackluster episode 5, this past week Mad Men responded with what could very well be one of the best episode the series has ever aired.  "The Strategy" provided so much interaction between so many characters, delving into story lines that had gone quiet and giving us some of the most heartfelt scenes  the series has ever produced.  Needless to say, I am so pumped for 10pm!

Need to catch up before then?  Listen to "The Strategy" Podcast

This week had some really great looks, but my favorite had to be Megan's purple crochet dress set.  I loved everything about this look; from the bag and shoes, to the hair fall and all the rings.  Say what you will about the likeness of Megan, but Janie Bryant sure does dress her to the nines each week.  hands down, the look of the week.

Speaking of which, many people, including Tom and Lorenzo, weren't big fans of Joan's blue look above.  I personally love this "relaxed" type look for Joan.  It's very period correct for a woman of her age and situation.  Plus, it's the perfect 1969 option for a woman who still wanted to accentuate her hourglass shape -- something Joan has always been conscious of.

Here's a few fashion features I really enjoyed this week:

- The Mad Men Fashion File had some really great insights this week, but I do believe that Barbie has made an appearance before, in Season Three when Sally gets a present from Baby Gene.

- Check out the real Burger Chef they used to shoot the scenes

- And I will leave you with this, my favorite scene from last week:


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