Sunday, May 4, 2014

Talking Mad "Field Trip"

If "Field Trip" proved anything about this season of Mad Men so far is it's clearly all about sandwiches and powerful peter pan collars.  Who knew Don Draper liked such a dull sandwich?  

And Betty?  Well, she's back and pretty pissed about Bobby trading away her sandwich.  Why can't he just love her?  Little does Betty know, Bobby longs for her attention and this is a crushing blow to him. 

Tobi and I had a lot to say about this episode, especially how for both of us it demonstrates Mad Men's commitment to excellence in television. 

Can we take a moment to talk about Joan?  This outfit is may be the best thing Joan has ever worn -- or at least within the last two season.  Finally, Joan is dressed in something much more trendy and fashion forward while still be conscious of her hourglass shape.  This my friends, is how you do polyester!  I'd love to know if this dress is a vintage piece or something Janie created for Joan.  Unfortunately its origin isn't really mentioned in the fashion file released by AMC.

Also, take note of the use of the peter pan collar.  Bryant has been using this style of collar to signify power within different female characters.  Here, Joan is expressing her stake in SC&P as partner; giving firm orders to Don and citing the financial loss the company would take buying Don out.  If you recall back to last week, Dawn sported a peter pan collar when she stood up to Lou, resulting in an elaborate shuffling of the secretaries, and ultimately giving Dawn a promotion.

Hands down, Joan wins best dressed this week.

All Things Mad Elsewhere

-Need a trip down memory lane?  Esquire breaks down the Madcappiest Moments in Mad Men's History

-Ever wonder how many of SC&P's clients are real companies and which ones are made up?  FiveThirtyEight maps out ever client that Don and the boys have signed

-Have you guys been reading Tom and Lorenzo's fashion break down each week?  If not, I highly recommend it!  Each week they give us a closer look at everyone's getup while also breaking down the meaning behind each look.

And I will leave you with this:


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