Sunday, May 18, 2014

Talking Mad: "The Monolith" and "The Runaways"

| Mona making a return in "The Monolith."  She wins best look of the week for Episode 4 |

Sorry I missed last week's Talking Mad.  But to make up for it, I have not one, but two podcasts to share with you guys this week!  Tobi (of Space Lion) and I shared our thoughts on both "The Monolith and "The Runaways" respectively.

| Megan in an amazing vintage Pucci dress which Janie Bryant temporarily shortened (it can be seen tucked up).  She wins best dressed this week |

In just two episode's time, a lot has happened.

-Peggy got a big raise
-Don's back at the office
-Pete might have gotten SC&P Burger Chef
-the office gets a computer
-Roger spends the night on a commune
-said computer turns Ginsberg crazy
-Ginsberg visits Peggy at home
-Don visits Megan and has a threesome
-Betty stands up to Henry, she speaks Italian, you know!
-Stephanie is back with a bun in the oven
-Sally sword fights with golf clubs
-Lou and Cutler do some scheming in the computer room
-Harry spills the beans to Don about Commander cigarettes
-Don interrupts a meeting
-And Peggy, poor Peggy, gets an unexpected gift in a box

| I love everything about the way Bryant styled Megan here.  The fall, the eccentric collection of rings, all mixed with the high end Pucci dress |

I have to say, from a fashion standpoint, the last two episodes have been slightly lacking (with the exception of Megan's vintage Pucci dress).  Now, that isn't to say that the costuming hasn't been good, we just haven't gotten a chance to see any of the characters really dress up in some major standout pieces (again with the expiation of the Pucci dress).  It feels like this season has been a bit more on a casual front.  It could be the changing of the times at play, but somehow I remember these characters have a lot more formal events to go to in past seasons.  At least SC&P's secretary pool is making up for some of the other character's slack.

A couple things that didn't make it into the podcasts:

-Tom & Lorenzo point out how many women are wearing pink in "The Runaways" and what this signifies.  Did I mention these guys are genius when it comes to breaking down the fashion meaning in MM?  Check out their "Monolith" recap too.

-It was brought to my attention that Ginsberg's shirt in his final shot resembles a hospital gown -- interesting!

-I believe it was also T&L that pointed out Don's brown suit at the Commander Cigarettes meeting, signaling "tobacco" brown as a way to connect him with the potential clients.  I'd like to add that the last time (and possibly the first time) we saw Don wearing brown was in "Field Trip" when he came back to the office and agreed to play second fiddle to Lou in order to attempt to preserve his position at SC&P.  Might Don's new power color be brown?  I am seeing a possible trend here!

-Get the behind the scenes look at the costumes in "The Monolith" and "The Runaways


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