Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vintage Thanksgiving Menu - Splurgin' in 1952

Welcome back for the last menu in the series of menus for all price points as found in a 1952 Woman's Day magazine.  If you missed the first two, see the "cutting costs" Thanksgiving menu and the "moderate" Thanksgiving menu for more Thanksgiving menu ideas.  This final menu in the trio is for the lady who wants to splurge this holiday season!

The "Splurge" menu includes:

-oysters on half shell with cocktail sauce
-oyster crackers
-cheese sticks
-clear mushroom soup with whipped cream
-celery hearts
-stuffed olives
-black olives
-whole cranberry sauce
-cranberry jelly
-roast turkey
-giblet gravy
-wild rice stuffing
-sherried yams
-brussels sprouts
-orange filled avocado halves on escarole with french dressing
-double corn sticks
-butter balls
-frozen nesselrode pudding
-almond macaroons
-salted pecans

In 1952 this cost about $2.45 per person, which would be $21.65 in today's money according to an inflation calculator.

I hope you have enjoyed these three as much as I have!  It's always so interesting to see how people ate and menu planned back in the day.  Now onto planning my contributions to the Thanksgiving feasts I am heading to this year.  Only one week to go!