Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Product Review: Max Factor Pan-Stick and Jane Blushing Cheeks

I have seen quite a few product reviews lately both on YouTube and other blogs. I find them very helpful, so I thought I would feature two of my favorite make-up products. Having very fair skin often creates problems when trying to find the right shade of make-up to wear. More times than not, most make-up products are not light enough for my skin tone. This is mostly the problem with foundations products.

Over the years I have tried out a lot of different foundations and last weekend I finally found the BEST product I have ever used. I took a trip to ULTA, which is this really great beauty store (and I can't believe it's been in my area for a little more than a year and just found out about it). Great store, anyways, I picked up this Max Factor Pan Stick because they were all out of the ULTA brand that I was going to try. I must admit, the biggest reason I went with the Max Factor was because it has been around for so long and I feel it's like a vintage product. I've been trying it out for the past few days now and I am super impressed. I have been applying it as a concealer and skipping a foundation (just applying it to the spots that needs it) and it is wonderful!!! It stays on all day and fully covers any red spots all while matching my skin tone. I got the NUDE IVORY shade and it matches very well. This stick was $7.99 and considering how large the stick is, I know it will last me a long time and I will probably never have to try another foundation or concealer product again!

My other favorite product is Jane Blushing Cheeks blush, in Blushing Babydoll. My fair skin also makes it difficult to find blush. Normally all the light colors are bright pinks and that doesn't really go well with my complexion. I found this blush about four or five years ago when I was in high school. I love that it is a darker color and more rosy than pink. It also goes on light and I feel it works well with my light skin and dark hair combination. I don't know how much this one costs, as the last time I bought a tub of blush was at least a year ago, which tells you how long it lasts...and I use it everyday!!

These are my two "can't live without" beauty products!! So if you are looking to try out some new make-up, I high recommend these two products!



Miss CherryBubbles said...

Thank you for doing these product reviews! Good to know what others' experiences are, what with there being so many make-up choices these days.

I love the Max Factor Pan Stick and have used it for a couple years :) Unfortunately, though, my small town local drugstores stopped carrying Max Factor! One does offer Jane cosmetics, so I will definitely check out the blush.

-Andrea (Miss CherryBubbbles)

Anonymous said...

i have used Pan Stick for years and years, I started because i remember my Mom using it (she passed away while i was young) However, I was told that Max Factor ANYTHING would no longer be available in USA - only in Europe. So grab some when you see them and freeze it. It's already gone from most stores here in NC

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