Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stripes and Sailors

Last week, I went over to one of the nicer vintage clothing stores in my area to trade in a few dresses. I swapped two dresses for the one pictured and a really cute green 60's wiggle. I liked this dress because it was very different than anything I owned. I have never been a huge fan of nautical styled clothes on me, but I really fell for this one. It is very subtle, the back of the neckline is styled like many nautical necks, where it is free from the dress and is in a square shape. I forgot to photograph it!!! I am planning on wearing the other dress this weekend, so it'll be pictured in my blog soon.

Belt and Shoes: JC Penny

Dress: Lost and Found Vintage


1 comment:

Leilani said...

Lovely dress, I like the idea of trading your dresses in for (new) old ones. Can't wait to see your wiggle dress, I'm on the prowl for one right now (am hoping to be Joan Holloway from Mad Men for Halloween!).