Monday, September 14, 2009

The Redford and "Dial M for Murder"

Yesterday a good friend and I went to see Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder" at the Redford Theatre. This theatre is my absolute favorite place to go and see movies. It opened its doors in 1928 and has been showing movies ever since. The picture above is from the Redford's website and it shows what the inside of the theatre looks like. During the time the theatre was built, Asian and Oriental themes were really popular. Many theatres from this time period have hints of this theme in their decor. The Redford has its original organ and is on a system that makes it rise and fall with a touch of a button. A half hour before the show begins, a volunteer plays the organ and then again at intermission. I really enjoy the intermission, it really makes you feel like you are back in time.

I was really excited to see this film. Hitchcock is my favorite director and I love murder mysteries. I have seen this film many times and couldn't wait to see it in 3D. Here's a little history about 3D movies in the 1950's. During the 50's, many families were able to afford television sets in their homes and television stations were obtaining the rights to old films to air on TV for extremely cheep. Both of these events combined caused box office sales to drastically drop. The film companies needed a way to draw back in moviegoers. To bring back high box office sales, films were now being shot using 3D technology and Panavision as gimmicks to draw in audiences. In my opinion, this tactic worked well and still does today. Case in point, my excitement in seeing a movie in 3D that I had seen many times before.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a picture of my outfit. I was really pleased with how it came together, as I was running late and didn't have much time to try out a lot of different options. I really love the blouse I am wearing, there is a funny story behind it. About seven years ago, I found out about Mother Fletchers and have been shopping there for vintage ever since. In all my seven years of shopping there, I have always wanted this shirt. I have no clue how it managed to stay at the store and not go home with anyone. On my last trip to Mother Fletchers, I decided that I had been admiring it long enough and I needed to just buy it, so I did!


Blouse: Mother Fletchers

Sweater: Target

Pants: Simply Vera Wang

Shoes: Kate Spade

Purse: Estate Sale

Earring: Royal Oak Flea Market

Bracelet: From Lana Turner's Estate



Hi Em,
Sounds like a great time and I LOVE your outfit...looks perfect on you and the blouse is great!!!
Deb :)

Rosie said...

You look radiant in your new outfit! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Google the Fabulous Fox theatre in St. Louis. You would LOVE it! Talk about opulence of a by-gone era! The chandelier is breathtaking!

blushing rose said...

Lookin' great! Glad you all had a wonderful time.

Pop over & greet my friend, Gail on her 2d day of blogging ~ tell her I sent you.

TTFN ~Marydon

Amy said...

You look super in this outfit...wish I had seen it in person.

Mom xoxo

Marajhones said...

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