Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Detroit Film Theatre

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Last night I ventured out to Detroit to the Detroit Film Theatre to see the film "Man with a Movie Camera." They found a new print of the film on 35mm and invited a live orchestra to accompany the film. It was really amazing. I had seen the film a few times, but nothing compared to sitting in the theatre and watching it on the "big screen" with the live music!

The theatre is apart of the Detroit Institute of Arts and was built in 1927. This theatre, along with the Detroit FOX theatre and the Redford Theatre are among a few of the 1920's historic theatres still left in the United States. Detroit is lucky to have three of these amazing movie houses. (The FOX no longer plays movies, but it did at one time. The Redford and the DFT both still play movies--mostly classics). What I find so wonderful about all three of these theatres, apart from the beautiful interiors and elaborate decorations, is all have orchestra pits and pretty much look the way they did when they first opened their doors. Tonight I will be headed out to the Redford to see "Dial M for Murder" in 3D. I am sooooooo excited!! Look for more about this in my next post!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! I had no idea about this! Have fun in Redford :)

Pam Kueber said...

my goodness, i sued to go there when i lived in the grosse pointes circa 1986. i had forgotten. thanks for reminding me what a wonderful place this is!