Monday, August 24, 2009

Peach Jam

Last week, my grandma's sister stopped by to drop of some peaches she bought at a peach festival here in Michigan. The weekend, the peaches were rip and ready to be made into something delicious. My mom decided to make a peach pie. In all her years of baking and pie making she had never made a peach pie. I broke down and had some last night...breaking my diet...but it sure was good!!! After my mom got done making the pie, we still had a lot of peaches left over. I decided I would try my hand at making some peach freezer jam. I just used the recipe inside the pectin box. It was super easy and my grandma says it's really tasty. After making the pie and the jam, we still had peaches left over!! It was nice to have fresh peaches to eat instead of canned!!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!!



Unknown said...

Your peach jam is the best, Emily. I am impressed with your kitchen skills and also can take over the cooking anytime :)

What are we doing on Friday?

Your Mom

Amy said...

Ok...not sure why that said "Tim" but it is Mom. Sorry....I'm such an amateur.


Anonymous said...

That peach festivial is in
Romeo MI.


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