Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vintage Christmas Craft Week: Bottle Brush Tree Santa Planter

I just love these bottle brush tree planters I have seen all over pinterest lately and decided that this year I would finally make one.  This is a great project to use damaged or less than perfect vintage Christmas findings for.

What You Need
-vintage Christmas planter, I used a bank that had been broken and glued back together
-bottle brush tree, I thrifted this later one (probably from the 70s), but you could used a new one from the craft store
-decorations, I used a pick that I got at Michaels last year and some mercury glass beads

Step 1
Unscrew your tree from the base (if the base won't fit into the planter or in this case, the slot opening for the bank, otherwise the base will probably fit into the planter)

Step 2
Place your tree into the planter.  You might need to elevate it depending on how deep your planter is.  Secure with glue.  You can opt to forgo the glue if you want to be able to separate the tree from the planter. 

Step 3
Decorate!  I chose to not glue anything in so I can change the design and add to it once I find the perfect little Christmas ornaments.

This was a very quick and cheap project, since I thrifted pretty much everything except for the pick, which I got on clearance last year at the end of Christmas.  For now, this will do, but I am definitely on the hunt for some smaller ornaments to really fill it up like the ones pictured above.