Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saving Style: A New Series on Livin' Vintage

Like many vintage clothing collectors, I have a large collection of vintage photos.  I am helplessly drawn to the ability to peer into the lives of average people of the past.  In an effort to share and digitally catalog my collection, I have decided to start a new series on Livin' Vintage called Saving Style.  Every so often I will share a photo or two from my collection, documenting the fabulous style that the average women of the past had.

This photo above was pulled from an estate sale and I ended up with nearly a whole album from this woman.  Here it looks like they are at a fair or maybe even a Coney Island type place.  I just love the print on her dress and the man on the right's pocket full of pens! 


Unknown said...

I'll be looking foreward those posts, dear. Like yourself, I'm fascinated by the real life of the day-gone-by(ers) :)


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Unknown said...

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