Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall into Some Vintage

Even though the trendsetters have already forecasted what will be in for fall 2013, it's only now that Michigan has started to feel the crisp breeze of autumn.  It seems that many other areas of the US are also experiencing an Indian Summer, so while we are packing away our summer clothes, lets see what modern trends we can sprinkle into our vintage wardrobe.

Here are my five fall trends that lend themselves to vintage dressing:

This is a traditional fall staple that has made its way back for yet another season. There is lots of vintage garments out there that are constructed of velvet.  From velvet dresses to velvet tops, there are lots of options to bring some velvet into your wardrobe.  Why not try a jacket with a velvet collar or a 1940s velvet dress with a peplum, another trend for this fall.

Emerald Green

Shades of emerald green seems to be the top fall 2013 trend.  Color trends are normally the easiest way for vintage dressers to look a little less costume-y and a little more modern.  There are lots of emerald green items on etsy, like this 50s dress that's currently in the shop.

Plaids/Classic Patterns
 Apparently designers have sought the basics again and plaid and other classic patterns are what's in this season.  I adore the slight pattern mixing on this 50s plaid skirt that's in the shop right now.  But, if that's not your cup of tea, why not try a vintage 49ers jacket (most often found in plaid) or any other item made by Pendleton. 

Statement Outerwear
This is one of those trends that I feel really lends itself to vintage.  Almost every single one of my coats are vintage and they are all different; with a key sense of detail and construction.  It was great to see the runways having some fun with outerwear, something you can find with many vintage coats.  I especially love this Lilli Ann coat (which is apart of a set); it also embodies another trend, color/fabric blocking.

Winter White
Wearing white after Labor Day hasn't been a no no for a while now and it was great to see this trend being utilized in more than just coats.  While I love a good off white coat for the fall/winter season, I simply adore this color in dress, such as this 60s wool dress.  These are definitely the new LBD -- where you are dress them up or down.


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