Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BIG News!

Livin' Vintage Shop is MOVING!!!

That's right!  I'm getting a studio to house the shop.  I am SO excited!

I 've outgrown my space at home, so it's time to move out and move up.

I have so many ideas on how I envision the place -- and this is kind of my mood board for the space.  

I love the use of bookcases in Rodellee's old studio, something I plan on implementing in my own space.  I also am in love with these vintage metal desks and am currently hunting one down via craigslist.  If I don't find one by move in, I might just use my 50s yellow formica dinette table that I use in my home office now.  I also really love what Beth did with her studio space; check it out HERE.

Do you have a studio workspace?  What tips or tricks do you use in that space?  Any recommendations?