Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Sneaky Peek

Yesterday, I spent some time over at "Retroville" moving some of my stuff in and playing around with some different things. Most of my vintage stuff has been living in a storage closet in my parent's basement, so I really haven't had a chance to see it all together. I honestly was worried that much of my stuff that I have been collecting would not mesh well together, since I have purchased little items here and there. However, yesterday I put this little table and lamp together just for fun and instantly knew that all of my stuff would come together.

Isn't this barkcloth amazing?! It was my Grandma's and she had saved a lot of it, all in different sizes. This piece fit well over the top of the table, which was also hers. The lamp was found at a thrift store for only $9 and the shade was found at an estate sale, I think for only $5. The lady thought I was crazy when I asked if I could just purchase the shade sans lamp. It's a fiberglass shade and it actually got crushed in my car, however you would never really know it unless you looked closely. I was able to fix it by using my steamer to smooth out the wrinkles and bind the slits together.

I really like how this came together and will probably keep it like this when I get all my stuff in place. It was so much fun to play around, fix things, and begin the decorating process. The whole little vignette only cost me about $15, since the table, barkcloth, and candy dish & ash tray were my Grandma's. However, I am sure I could have found similar pieces at the thrift store or an estate sale and would have still be able to put together something cute for not a lot of money. Being able to get a great look for not a lot of money is one of the many reasons why I love vintage so much. I am able to stretch my dollar, while decorating in a style I love. :)



Lauren Hairston said...

Perfect! Such fun things! I always think it's best to just buy what you love when decorating a house. Otherwise, it ends up looking like a decorator show home and not your home! I'm having fun decorating vicariously. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!


It's looking so YOU!!! Love the peeks!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I'm excited to see sneak peeks of your new (vintage) home. Looks like it's coming together quite nicely already!

Lisa said...

What a set-piece! I love these items together. You did a great job arranging them!

SusieQT said...

HaHa! I have been there too, buying just the shade off the lamp. (That one was a green fiberglass shade on an 80s lamp.) I also think the lady at the thrift store thought I was nuts!

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Completely adorable! You'll have so much fun decorating - thank you for sharing as you go along :)