Monday, June 20, 2011

Long Time, No Blog.....

I have been a bad blogger. Moving and school really has taken over my life. But, the good news is this week is my last week of classes and then I have two plus months of summer vacation before I start my final year of grad school. YAY!!!!

This photo is from nearly a month ago and my hair has since grown out. However, this is what it looked like when I first got it cut. This dress is a "swim dress" which is kinda big due to the smocking being stretched out in the back. I plan to sew in some elastic and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

The bush I am standing in front of is a spirea. It is along the back fence of my new backyard. What I love about this bush, other than its beautiful flowers and fragrance, is that it was once in the yard of my Great Grandmother's home. My grandma took a piece of it and transplanted it into her yard and it has since blossomed into a large, healthy bush. If I ever move again, I hope to take a piece of this bush and carry on the tradition. Hopefully, I will have the same luck as my Grandma did with the transplant. She had such a green thumb and I know she is loving my veggie garden.


60s Swim Dress: Bloomfield Hills Vintage Clothing Expo

Sweater: St. Vincent De Pauls

Shoes: Re-Mix

Bakelite Earrings: eBay


Protector of Vintage said...

Love the dress. I also love the idea of transplanting flowers/shrubs from home to home. I did that, too!

Lauren Hairston said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was wondering what happened and figured you must be swamped with school work. I want to hear more about this veggie garden. We've started a teeny one this year.

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