Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oriental Figurines

First off, YAY!!! Thank you followers and readers for helping me reach 200!!! The giveaway will be up tomorrow, so check back in to enter! I appreciate each and everyone of you!!! :)

Now, on to these fabulous little figurines!! So, I LOVE chalkware. I have a collection of chalkware fruits that I am going to decorate my kitchen with and am such a sucker for it. I also have been on the look out for some cute vintage figurines, hoping that I would find some that would fit with this lamp that I won from Mary Deluxe. Two weekends ago, imagine my excitement when I found those cuties above for only $3 at an estate sale!! How had no one snapped them up?! I love how their legs dangle. They will be finding a home in my office on the bookshelf.

Then, almost a week after the estate sale, on one of my weekly Thursday trips to the Salvation Army (they off discounts for students on Thursdays, if you are a student, this is a great day to go!) I found these dearies, again, for only $3. Now, these guys are not in as good of condition as the ones above, however, with a little paint, they will be like new again. I won't feel guilty about painting these guys because their previous owner glued a chipped off piece back in. I am all about preserving things, but these little guys are going to be just for fun. They have since found a home on my bookshelf at home.

Now, fast forward to last weekend. My beau and I were scoping out the spoils at an estate sale, when we met up from "dividing and conquering" and low and behold, my beau had spotted this guy hanging out in the basement. I could not believe my luck in finding all these awesome vintage chalkware Oriental figurines in the short time of two and half weeks! This guy, also not in perfect condition, was $2; a bit pricer than my other finds, but welcomed just the same. I think I am all set on my Oriental figurine collection...... for now at least! :)

Remember, tomorrow is the giveaway!!!!!! :)



Autumn Luciano said...

Cute finds! I love chalkware too, I've got fruits veggies in my kitchen, some have little faces, and a couple of old carnival prizes. The little guys you found are so cool!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Yay congratulations on meeting your blog goal! I look forward to seeing/entering the giveaway.

I have some bookends that look like your figurines. Isn't it funny how thrifting can go in waves, I'll decide I want something then start coming across a particular everywhere (maybe it's just heightened awareness).

JacquiG said...

Great finds! I don't seem to have the knack for finding the good deals when I go thrifting so I end up not going very often. Perhaps that's my problem! ;o) Congrats on reaching your goal of 200 followers.


Tasha said...

Those are fantastic! I would love to collect them but shelf and table space is a premium around here, so we've been looking for at least one shadow box kind of display shelf. So far no luck finding the right one.

I'll have to photograph our bookends for you sometime, you will love them! ;)

MarieBayArea said...

eeps! these are so cool