Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Vintage Coat Post and a Reminder

Well, the girl just can't help herself..... She's got an addiction and at least she knows it.....

In all honesty, I have had this coat for a year or two and just have never shown it on my blog, but it is among my coat collection that seems to be multiply when I am not looking. I found this one on eBay and just had to have it because it was yellow and it zipped up the front. I love the dolman sleeves and I think the yellow/grey contrast is wonderful. I feel very "mod" every time I wear it. The backcombed hair doesn't help.... ;)

Oh, and just a few reminders. Thursday is this month's Nasty Jello of the Month day. Can't wait to see what other readers find! Also, I am only 7 more followers away from holding my 200th follower giveaway. :)


60s Coat: eBay

Tights: Gap

Boots: Uggs

P.S. I swear I wear other shoes than these UGG boots. The are just so warm and cozy and even though they are not vintage or really that stylish on their own, I feel accessories can really do a lot.