Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Confessions of a Vintage Lover

I have a confession to make: I don't wear full vintage everyday. Living in a state where the weather changes multiple times per day and week, sometimes just wearing vintage is not practical. When it comes time that all this snow we have been getting starts to melt, there are going to be tons of puddles and muddy ground, which I wouldn't want to take the chance of ruining my vintage shoes or dresses on. I always have something vintage on, whether it is a pin, a purse, or a full vintage outfit; taking the vintage out of me is impossible.

When I encounter days such as these (like last Wednesday before the Snow Apocalypse II), I normally try to pair a vintage top with skinny pants and flats. Kind of what I like to call a "modernized" vintage look. This particular day I had a lunch date with a girlfriend and a surprise trip to the library that my beau works at on the agenda. My girlfriend and I had some yummy Middle Eastern food and I brought my beau a coffee.

Now, another confession: this is a vintage maternity top (I have it kinda pulled back in the photo above). Someday, I would love to be a mommy, so occasionally when vintage maternity pieces come up on eBay or the like, if they are cheap, I take advantage of it, knowing how hard they are to come by. I decided to wear this top now, rather than storing it. The boat-ish neckline and the dart at the back make it look rather like a swing top. Its too cute to just let sit in the closet. :) I have some other vintage tops that I suspect are maternity tops, although, they are handmade so I can't tell for sure. I like to pair these tops with sweaters or a belt to help pull in the waist, giving a second lease on life to these cute vintage pieces.


P.S. Only 1 more follower until I hold my giveaway!! :)

50s Top: eBay

Jeans: White House Black Market

Black Flats: JC Penny

50s Earrings: Mother Fletchers


Lauren Hairston said...

The top is super-cute. I often wear vintage or vintage-y tops with skinny jeans, too.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Yes, it's definitely hard to wear vintage every day in the Midwest, especially footwear. Somehow I've managed to wear vintage outfits every day (mainly due to wool skirts and lots of layers) except for the shoes! I like this top on you, never would have guessed it was maternity wear. I could see this paired with black 'cigarette' pants too for a Beatnik look.

Autumn Luciano said...

I hear you! Michigan has hellish winters! I normally give up on dressing vintage during the winter unless i'm going someplace special. But I do always have on my 1950s full length red coat! Snow Apocalypse II is horrible! It almost felt like spring a few days ago!

MarieBayArea said...

i really appreciate this blog post. i love your top. this whole looks is very cool. i like to mix and match modern with vintage/retro myself. i can't do head to toe vintage, but usually am pretty vintage-inspired in what i wear.