Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nasty Jello of the Month: January

January's recipe comes from McCall's October 1952 edition. In this edition, a series of "Take It Easy" cooking was featured and this recipe for Vegetable Salad Mold was part of the easy luncheon for four segment.

The idea of eating a vegetable jello is quite gross to me. And, even though I love veggies, they shouldn't be mixed with lemon jello. :)

What did you all find?


The Cookbook Junkie said...

These salads much have been hugely popular at one time judging by my older cookbooks. This is one of the greatest cooking mysteries to me - why?

I'm sure I can find some good material for this feature if I don't forget.

Tasha said...

Amazing! I particularly find meat jellos vile. Aspic. *shiver* But oh how vintage. I have several cookbooks with weird jellos in them. We hosted a cocktail party for Christmas and a friend made one...but it was actually tasty with fruit in it. ;)

chksnowqueen said...

Found this one that made me shudder; cottage cheese and tuna salad in lime jello. It contains so many ingredients that really do not appeal to me that to have them all in one molded salad actually makes me feel queasy.

Lauren Hairston said...

Too bad I just found your blog! I'm obsessed with old Jell-O recipes. I'll definitely find something for this month!

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