Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Nautical Kind of Day

Yesterday, I had the day off from class and was able to enjoy sometime relaxing. It was SO cold yesterday and I felt it was time for me to pull out my Navy pants. These are navy colored and are made out of heavy thick wool. I got these at a really cool estate/warehouse sale last winter. I found several pairs but I only picked up two. The other ones I got are black and made out of gaberdine and here the only gaberdine pair to speak of at the sale. I really love both pairs and would highly recommend this style!

Here's a close up of the necklace, which was also purchased at an estate sale. I just loved the theme and the detail of each bead. I also like that each of the different styles appear in all three colors.

Hope everyone is staying warm!


40s Navy Pants, 60s necklace, & 50s Blouse: Estate Sales

Flats and Cardigan: Target