Friday, January 21, 2011

Film Fashion Friday: Two of a Kind (1951)

This week's pick comes from 1951 and is jam packed full of costume changes and dangerous women! If you like Lauren Bacall and have never heard of or seen a Lizabeth Scott film, this is a great one to start with. Scott was marketed as a "Lauren Bacall Type" and she even co-stared with Bogie! :) I also really like the interiors in this film. Such great eye candy all around.

The Players

Edmond O'Brien.....Michael "Lefty" Farrel
Lizabeth Scott.....Brandy Kirby
Terry Moore.....Kathy McIntyre
Alexander Knox.....Vincent Mailer
Griff Barnett.....William McIntyre

Gowns by Jean Louis

Brandy Kirby and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer plan to rob William and Maida McIntyre by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son. Brandy charms gambler Lefty Farrell into impersonating the missing son. Kathy, the McIntyre's niece, who likes Lefty, introduces him to the McIntyres who soon become convinced he is their son, but the old man refuses to change his will. Lefty balks at killing McIntyre and exposes Mailer's attempted swindle. Brandy and Lefty end up together as "two of a kind." (source)

Fashion Review
I knew when I popped this film into my dvd player that the combination of Lizabeth Scott and Jean Louis was going to be fabulous. The first ten minutes of the film supplied three costume changes and ranged from day suits to a more formal dinner dress. This dress, which is pictured in photo number 2, was simply amazing and it was really hard to get a good still of it. However, Scott wears it twice in the film, so you have many opportunities to get a good look at it during the film. Two of a Kind (1951) also has two or three scenes on the beach which feature some great swimwear, just in case you were thinking Spring! I just really enjoyed the versatility of all the different outfits throughout the entire film; which does a good job at showcases all sorts of styles from beachwear to casual to formal.

Jean Louis was born in Paris in 1907 and studied at the Arts Decoratifs. After school, he became a sketch artist at the couture house of Drecol in Paris. After a stint there, Louis headed over the pond to work for Hattie Carnegie and stay there for seven years. I am not sure if it was while he was working with Carnegie or directly after, but in 1944, Louis became head designer for Columbia Pictures. He worked there for fourteen years and in 1958 he moved to Universal. Louis also ran his own couture business, as was the trend of the time. After his contracts ran out, Louis still continued to supply clothing for films. He worked on his last film in 1973.

Fashion Grade: 8/10 (for many costume changes and wonderful evening gowns).

Two of a Kind is available on dvd on the Bad Girls of Film Noir Vol. 1 and is available for rent through both Netflix and ClassicFlix.


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