Monday, January 31, 2011

A Fun Evening at the Pictures

Saturday, my beau took me to see Arsenic and Old Lace at the Redford Theatre. We decided to treat it like a fancier night out and got dressed up. I have been itching to wear this new sweater, which I scored at a local resale shop for a grand deal of $5. It had two holes in the back and I was able to repair them, although it was not as easy as had hoped it would be. They were only cuts (kinda like slits) but they weren't straight, making the mending process a bit difficult.

The photo above is me standing on the balcony at the Redford. The movie palace was build in 1927-1928 and the owners have restored it to all its old glory. I know the picture doesn't show much, but it sure it pretty inside!

Here you can see more detail of the sweater. It is beaded with faux pearls and yellow seed beads all along the collar and down the front on either side of the buttons and button holes. I don't own many items in yellow (my favorite color) and just had to get this and try to restore it, saving it from becoming part of the garbage mound. In the future, I would like to pair it with a grey dress, but until I find the right one, this black dress will have to do.

My beau is wearing a vintage 70s button down shirt I bought for him and a vintage sweater. I really love that he is into vintage just as much as I am, even if it is different eras of liking. I took the picture myself and kinda cut myself out, but I still think we look cute. ;)


P.S. I am only 13 more followers away from holding my 200th follower giveaway. I have some great stuff planned for it!! ;)

50s Beaded Sweater: Regeneration

50s Rayon Dress: Lost and Found Vintage

Belt: Kohls

50s Heels: eBay

Bakelite Bracelets: Were my Grandma's


Kerry Curl said...

you do indeed make a cute couple! It is great that you both like vintage, ad that dress and cardi combo is lovely. Such a classic lady like look.

Lauren Hairston said...

Great sweater! I love Arsenic and Old Lace.

Anyway, I saw your post on By gum, by golly! and thought I would check out your blog. It's right up my alley! I spend a worrisome amount of time watching old movies...

Are you doing the KAL? I ordered my yarn yesterday and I'm really excited about it!

P.S. You're one more follower closer to your giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. I've been looking for a cardigan like that myself, but maybe in a baby blue. It looks like I might have to attempt to customise a plain one.

Anonymous said...

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