Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out With the Old....

...And in with the new! I decided it was time for a little change here at my blog. I have had the same header since I created my blog three years ago and thought it could use some sprucing up.

I also have an announcement to make regarding the "Nasty Jello Recipe of the Month" series. I have decided that the third Thursday of every month will be "Nasty Jello Recipe of the Month" day. That means that for January, we will be posting on the 20th. I have created a button to put on your blog if you are participating and it will link to the posts here on my blog. I am also going to do a mister linky so that everyone can share their findings. This way, we will all have a place to congregate and will be able to find the recipes all in one place to share with everyone else. So gals, you have about a little over a week to find a recipe to share. :)



happileah said...

Love your new header and I'm really looking forward to READING About the Nasty Jello of the month (I'm too skeered to participate, are those tomatoes in the jello? gag...) :)

BaronessVonVintage said...

what a darling header!! I am so pumped for "Nasty Jello Recipe" of the month it's crazy. Honestly, that jello image doesn't make me gag too much. Now, if it was one with OLIVES in it, super gag. Okay, better not go any further until the 20th.

Heidi Ann said...

I love your new header, and I sure do wish I knew how to do things like that! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Nice header! Talking about bad Jello, I remember the incurable collector who was obsessed with all things Jello, her cupboards were filled with molds and vintage boxes.

Alaura Hernandez said...

I love the new header! Change is good, in this case:) And hurray for new jello recipe of the month! I hate jello, quite honestly! The only time I really use it is for synchronized swimming (we put the unflavored kind in our hair to keep it from falling in out faces, like heavy-duty hairspray! ) haha :)

Danièle said...

Great idea.

Garnet said...

What a lively and fun idea! I can think of at least a dozen terrors off the top of my head that would be ideally suited for this monthly event! I collect vintage cookbooks, and the worse the recipes are the more I love them (not the taste, but the hilarity of them!).

I suppose that means I'll have to finally get off my duff and start a blog (as I've intended to do, but simply haven't gotten around to the whole "beginning" it part!). ;)

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Peter said...

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