Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vintage Kitchen

My whole intrigue with vintage really started in the kitchen. When I was a little girl, one of the highlights of a visit to grandma's was to go downstairs in the basement and look her old 1940's oven. Then grandma would tell stories about the "good old days." Ever since that young age, I knew that someday that oven would make the trip to my kitchen. Well it hasn't made any trips yet, it will be at least one or two more years until that happens, but it did spark my interest of old things.
When I really started to seriously collect vintage stuff, I usually was drawn towards kitchen items. Not a whole lot has changed, only now I pretty much have all of my want list covered on the major kitchen items. I would still love to find a vintage ice crusher, blender, and more pieces of peach glaze Fire King -- can never have too much of that! :)
The last couple of sales I went to, I brought home more items to add to my hope chest of vintage kitchen stuff.
This has to be my most favorite apron I have ever found. I love the smocking and the style. I was so excited to get it washed to wear it that I didn't allow for all the stains to be soaked out. But, this will give me a reason to actually use it now!
I love these little mini cook books. I always pick them up whenever they are cheap. They usually have great ideas for new spins on favorite dishes. I picked these up at a church bag sale.

This little feedsack over mitt was also found at the church bag sale. It was so hot that day, I had to circle the tent a few times to get a good look at everything. If I keep moving, there was a better chance of feeling the breeze! I was so excited when I found this, under a pile of old dirty clothes of all places. It got stuck in the wash and ended up getting accidentally bleached, but came out looking the same as when it went it. The only thing that lightened was the bias tape around the edges. That feedsack is sure tough!!


Amy said...

I am glad you like Gram's stove...make sure to keep telling your dad about how you'd like him to fix it up for you. You know how long it takes him to warm up to an idea!


Protector of Vintage said...

Love all of your neat estate sale finds...especially the apron! I purchased a sweater guard/clip from your etsy shop. Can't wait to add it to my small collection. Take care~

★Carol★ said...

I'm so excited to have discovered your blog! Love all of your vintage finds...we like alot of the same things!