Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Linens!!

Like I've said before, I am addicted to vintage linens. I always convince myself that the box I keep them in always has a little more room for more. I just find the irresistible. I love the graphics and the bright colors. I love ironing them and folding them. I just love everything about them. I pick up quite a few at that amazing bag sale I went to a few weeks ago.
This is a pillow cover. The border needs to be finished. I plan on finishing it and instead of having a muslin backing, I am going to use some cute reproduction feedsack.

This sweet little towel was too cute to pass up.

This tea towel needs the edges finished off, but for 25 cents I brought it home.

I feel in love with the design on this towel. It had a lot of stains on it, but I was hoping they'd soak out. They did!!

I also fell in love with this pattern. It's nylon and there's about a yard there. I am now searching for the perfect pattern to make something out of this.
Hope your weekends found you lots of great finds!



Hi Em!!!

We both are such LINEN Lovers!!!
My stash is growing and I really should use them...they do make me happy by just looking at them.
Happy Hunting!
Deb :)

roseylittlethings said...

OOH, love them all, The poodle is darling!

Amy said...

Of course I love the poodle best...! In honor of Pumpkin (or should I say half of Pumpkin).

Are these keepers? I love you too much, you know.


RetroRuth said...

Love your linens! That kitten and puppy are especially darling.