Friday, July 10, 2009

More Bag Sale Treasures

A few weekends ago I made a trip out to a church that was having a bag sale. I was a little skeptical when I pulled up, but once I got under the tents my mind was changed. The picture about is most of the items I kept for me. The little recipe box will appear in the etsy soon. I was so excited to find vintage metal and plastic cookie cutters! I can't wait until Christmas now to bake some cookies and try them out!

I found this vintage fabric in a pile of clothes. I was digging and digging hoping to find something vintage and this popped up. There isn't a whole lot left, whoever had this before me cut it in a very strange way. There is enough for a make-up bag or change purse.

This was my favorite find from the sale. It was published in 1947 and besides the slip cover, the rest of the book is in wonderful condition. There are some super cute baby and toddler needle work patterns inside. My mom and I are going to share it.

Enjoy your Friday!



Amy said...

Hey you think I'll be able to enjoy that book soon? I sure hope so. I also love you for sharing all your best finds with me.


roseylittlethings said...

Great finds as usual! Love the baby knitting book!

tidbitsandtreasures said...

Hello! I just found your blog, and haven't been able to stop reading. Judging by your photos, we both seem to love the same things, as I've gone through a few shades of "envy green" since I started! Thanks for sharing some of your finds, and for offering a great Sunday read!