Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sometimes Bigger is Better: Vintage Ear Climbers

Part of working in any segment of the fashion industry is keeping up with the latest trends.  And, while I am not selling current fashions I am selling them to modern women, some of which buy and wear vintage fashion for its excellent construction, relative low cost, and to fashionably blend in the modern world.  So, I like to be mindful of what's hot in current fashion and try to mix a few of these "trendier" items into the shop.  

The other day I stumbled onto a segment about ear cuffs on The Fabulist (full disclosure: I'm not a frequent viewer of this show, it just so happened to be on while using the tv for background noise).  I found it very interesting that one of the host of the show, Orly Shani, makes the claim that these are a totally revolutionary thing and a cool new accessory alternative.  It's clear that she, and her cohorts for that matter, lack a general knowledge of fashion history, which is further pointed out in the next segment on hair scarfs.  Really, that's here nor there for this post -- although I could write an entire post on that very topic!

While the ear cuffs that are being marketed today aren't exactly like their vintage counterpart, they are the same concept.  During the late 50s and into the 60s, ear climbers -- a type of earring made to fan or cascade up your ear -- were very fashionable and are extremely reminiscent to what we are currently seeing on the runways. 

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I found several pairs on easy, but these four were among some of my favorites.  The rhinestone pair at the beginning of the post are one of my most loved pair of earrings.  I thrifted them for around $5 or $6 and I always feel like a Golden Age starlet when I wear them.

I always find it fascinating when and how vintage fashion trends make a comeback.  What are some of your favorite fashion comebacks?

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Lisa said...

I luh-HUVE these kinds of earrings and have a ton of them in my collection. Take up the whole ear, ear bauble, that's all I'm askin' of ya! :) There's nothing new under the sun!