Thursday, March 13, 2014

Looking Towards Spring: a gardening tray from the 1950s wordless workshop

A few years ago, I bought a HUGE lot of vintage magazines from a local estate.  In the lot were several "What to Make" magazines put out by Popular Mechanics and it wasn't until the other day when organizing all my periodicals that I rediscovered these gems.

The wordless workshop was a regular feature, depicting a ridiculously easy project that required no written direction to make.  This feature seems to echo what many vintage seamstresses are very familiar with: the lack of detailed directions due to the general knowledge most people possessed back then.  Like this feature, many vintage sewing patterns have little construction direction, banking on the fact that most people already had training in these areas.

This gardening tray, while lacking directions, still seems to be a relatively simple project even by today's standards.  Now if it can just stop snowing so I can start planning my spring garden!

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Mick said...

I love working in a garden, but due to the drought we are having we'll go another year with out having one :( The Tray is a neat and useful idea!