Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Vintage Valentine Baking Ideas

 For me, one of the most fun parts of Valentine's Day is baking up some sweet treats for my loved ones.  While everyone is giving out boxed chocolates, a cake or cookies can be a nice departure from the standard Whitman's Sampler.  

Here are three different baked treats that are sure to please.

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 What a fun twist on a two tired cake!  I love how they have decorated it -- simple but sweet.

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I have always loved a good marble cake and this one sounds really interesting.  I bet this would be cute if made in the shape of a heart.  Or why not combine this recipe with the cake decoration above?

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Since seeing this idea on Bakerella, I have always wanted to try it.  The cookies are made by printing images on printable frosting sheets and edible ink.  These would be so adorable to send to school for your little one's valentine party.  Ok, now I want to buy a new printer just to make these! ;) 


vintagepri said...

Hello Emily :)

I'm a blogger from Brazil and i fall in love with your blog. Is too perfect! ^^

XoXo ღ

Heidi Ann said...

I am loving that pink "Sweet-heart" cake, and that cookie with the vintage Valentine image on it is the coolest idea ever! I suppose I could bake a pink cake for my Sweetie.......

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