Monday, February 17, 2014

5 retro craft projects I'm dreaming about

Being that this has been one of the worst winters on record for the mitten state, I am really looking forward to spring.  And, one of my favorite things to do come springtime, besides the usual spring clean, is to try a few crafty projects to add new life into my freshly cleaned space.  Here are five projects I am looking forward to trying out over the next few months:

Retro Swag Light

One of the things I have been on the search for is a swag light to replace a temporary one over my bar in my living room.  This project seems to be super easy and I love that I can customize it to match the colors in my room perfectly.

Record Sidetable

In the same room as my bar swag light dilemma, I have my record collection and turntable.  This project also looks super easy and all the supplies can be easily found at thrift stores.  A perfect use for heavily scratched records!  

Retro Pintuck Pillow

What vintage lover doesn't like these pillows?  I have a few vintage ones, but they are getting harder to come by around these parts, plus being able to select colors that will match the given space they will reside in and knowing they are clean is quite appealing.

Vintage Planter iPhone Dock

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever?  While I am not one that normally goes in for upcycling, sometimes I think taking an item that isn't functional (as in the scratched records above or the following project below) and morphing it into something that is functional.  I have an abundance of vintage planters and I will never have enough plants to fill them all.  Plus, this is going to look so adorable on my bedside table!  By the way, if you aren't already following Ashlee, you totally should!

Vintage Watch Locket

I recently bought a huge lot of vintage costume jewelry and in the bunch were several non-working vintage watches.  While I could get them repaired (and some I might), I am always coming across vintage watches that are no longer in working order.  I love what a creative idea this is and can't wait to transform one of my out of order watches into this sweet memento.

What crafty projects are you looking forward to working on this spring?


Porcelina said...

I love these, what good ideas! The watch one in particular - that's brilliant.

I don't have much time for crafts these days but hopefully I can squeeze a few in when the days start to get longer and there's actually some light to work by!
P x

ette said...

Thank you for this great ideas. I love the watch lockets, so beautiful and elegant.

Unknown said...

I agree with Porcelina, I LOVE the watch idea, totally stealing it!

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