Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sponsor Livin' Vintage

So, I have decided to start accepting sponsors for Livin' Vintage. As I prepare to relaunch my etsy and work to create a "brand" for myself, it was about time to offer some advertising space here on the blog.

I am currently accepting sponsors for the Month of November. If interested, you will receive a space to the left of my blog. Right now I am offering three sizes, which are pictured below.
Those prices reflect one month's fee. Discounts apply for three, six, nine, and twelve month commitments. I'd also be delighted to trade ad space for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

So you want to advertise on Livin' Vintage? Here's how it works: send me an email at livinvintage@hotmail.com outlining duration of ad (1 month, 3 months etc), a copy of the ad itself, and payment method (i.e. paypal or a trade). I will then send you an invoice and once payment is received, your ad will go up and will be live on Livin' Vintage until the end of the month.


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