Thursday, October 20, 2011

Road Trip

Two weeks from today, Jesse and I will be taking a road trip to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia -- sort of a belated birthday tip. I wanted to ask my readers, first if I should visit any shops that I do not have listed below, which is our tentative itinerary. And second, if there was any vintage bloggers in either of these locations that would like to do a blogger meet up?

I have done some research online and these are the places I have planned for us to check out while in each city.

Yesterdays News
Hey Betty
Eons Fashion Antique

Sazz Vintage Clothing!!
Buffalo Exchange
Philadelphia Vintage
Decades Vintage
The Goodwill Outlet - South Philadelphia Outlet Store
Retrospect Vintage

Of course, if we see a thrift store or the like, we are planning to stop, however, these are the major planned locations. Am I going to miss out on anything? Also, are there any great restaurants they we should try? Jesse has been to Pittsburgh, but neither of us have been to Philadelphia and I am so excited to check out the city!

If you are interested in doing a blogger meet up, please send me an email!



The Cookbook Junkie said...

Oh, have fun. I lived in Philly for 10 years but that was over a decade ago. I'm sure the shops and restaurants have all changed. It's a great city to explore though - not huge like NYC and it has a very nice layout.

I remember a great store in Manayunk which is not in center city Philly, but not a far drive. Manayunk is one of those 'hip' areas with restaurants and shops. I'm not sure if this is the place I remember or not but it looks cool - The Attic

Mrs.M said...

Unfortunately I have only driven through Pennsylvania. I hope you find some great finds!

Unknown said...

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