Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adventures in Canning

A few weeks ago, I found 10 "quilted" canning jars at the Salvation Army for a few dollars and decided to buy them and try out canning. In the past I have done the freezer jar canning, which is near foolproof, but I have never done any "real" canning.

Fast forward to two weekends ago, Jesse and I got up early and headed to Eastern Market to stock up on some fresh produce for me to can. When we got home, I got busy and put my jars and rings in the dishwasher and starting on prepping the produce. After I found the jars at the thrift store, I ended up purchasing four large jars and six freezer jars so I could preserve more. I made peach freezer jam with the plastic jars and pickles and salsa with the glass jars. Overall, I thought my first time canning went well. I wish I would have taken pictures while canning! Above are some of the pickles and salsa that was left over for me after I gave some away to my parents and Jesse.

I followed the recipe for pickles on the jar of pickling spices by Ball and just made salsa like I would normally, brought it to a boil and then placed it in the jars and proceeded with the canning process. It was really quite easy. So, if you are thinking about trying out canning and haven't before, it isn't hard, just a bit time consuming, but it's SO worth it. :)



Amy said...

Hi Emily,
We really liked the salsa, but we're waiting a couple more weeks on the pickles. Thanks for sharing your bounty with us :)

Mrs.M said...

I have always wanted to can tomatoes, I have to wait though, tomatoes aren't in season right now.

Blackberry said...

Em, I'm so tickled you've picked up canning! It's an authentic, practical and edible art form that was incredibly popular throughout the midcentury years.
Seriously. Nearly everyone canned food and or at least had a garden. I hope you enjoy many more canning forays :)

Lauren Hairston said...

Exciting! I've never actually processed anything before, because I've never had large enough quantities of can-worthly produce. Maybe next year if the whole gardening thing pans out. Looks like you did really well, especially for a first time!