Sunday, October 16, 2011

Final Bits of Summer

This past week was probably the last bit of warmer weather we will see here in Metro Detroit. I say probably because you never know with Michigan. It could snow here one day and be 75 degrees the next. This is one of the reasons I opt not to have a seasonal closet; though I think I might enjoy having one.

I have had a good run of estate sales lately -- many with vintage clothing and lots of mid century modern home goods. I have been able to get a lot of the final pieces for Retroville and once I get the rest of the carpet pulled up, I plan on hosting a tour here on my blog. I am shooting for December, since I will be finishing up with my last fall semester of grad school.

Also around this time will be the relaunch of my etsy store. After doing the D.I.Y. and enjoying it so much, it made me want to get back on etsy, so I have been compiling tons of vintage goodies to load my shop with and plan to go live in December!

Anywho, I got this top, which I am pretty sure is a vintage apron, at an estate sale a few weekends ago. I don't think it was ever worn, as the fabric was crisp and stain-free. I feel it's too cute to wear over a dress and get spills on it during cooking, so I'm wearing it as a top.


Vintage Apron worn as Shirt: Estate Sale

Jeans: JC Penny

Keds: Plato's Closet


Julie said...

Lovely Michigan, three seasons a week - we don't get to pick.

Adorable top - you scored!

Decades a Go-Go said...

Love it!! Ha a friend of mine does the same thing when we find gorgeous vintage aprons that are too nice to be used as aprons!