Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, if you are wondering what the title of my post stands for, it is a new group I belong to: Lamp Addicts Anonymous. That's right, I have a slight problem -- I just love old lamps. This cute fellow came home with me two weekends ago (and I am just now getting around to bloggin' about him, such a bad blogger, I know!) for a small sum of $15. I totally couldn't believe I got him for that low and that he was still hanging around the estate sale so late in the game. Him and I were meant to be, I suppose. ;) I am pretty sure this guy had a cute little lady to accompany him, now I'm on the search for her!

The beau has now been gently instructed to talk me out of pretty much every lamp I pick up while out thrifting. So far it's working..... We'll see for how long!



Mick said...

I have his girlfriend murachas and all!!! Sen me your Email at And I'll send you a picture of "Carmen/ Betty" shes sporting the same red frilled dress and latin stance! Wonder if maybe they were a set? My aaunt gave me the "girl lamp" this last christmas and it cost a whopping $60! Haha thats so cool theres a guy one out there! LUCKY!

Mick said...

I also think he may have been repainted. Mine is more of a musty maroon color, and the base is the same color as the face and hands. Again GAH soooooo lucky :) If you find his brother buy it up and I'll buy it from ya! haha

Zootsuitmama said...

As a fellow lamp addict, I understand! Just trying to find room for them in this little house is a full time occupation! I did see a cool lamp this weekend I passed up..a huge white plaster swan. Maybe I'll go back, it's only like 8.00! See what ya started?? lol. Zootsuitmama

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