Thursday, June 25, 2009


Two weekends ago, I attended an amazing estate sale full of vintage clothes and accessories along with other vintage goodies. I must admit, I did go a little crazy and for the first time, went back on the last day to get even better bargains. These are just a few of my finds, my favorites!!
This lady was a "crazy glove lady" with over 300 pairs to choose from. I took home 9 pairs for me and a few pairs for the shop.
All three of these vintage linens cost me less than a dollar! The pillow cases cleaned up very nice.

This little shirt was found among the pile of rags in the basement. It really pays to dig in crazy places!!

My little candy striper dress! I have already worn it a few times and it is so comfy and breezy in the hot weather we have been having here in Michigan.

I can't believe I got this 40's blouse for only $2!! It buttons up the back. It is in need of a good pressing and the prefect 40's suit to go with it!!

Lately, I have found myself addicted to vintage robes. So, I couldn't pass this one up. Its fabric drapes so lovely! I feel so glamorous wearing it, like I just stepped out of an old movie.

I got these on the last day for a steal!! The rhinestone earring are screw backs and sparkle a lot!! The spiders are scatter pins and I have the prefect vintage orange sweater to wear them with this fall.
I got a lot more stuff, but these are by far my faves, except for the swing coat, 40's wool dress, and late 30's - early 40's fur collared coat that are waiting to be picked up at the dry cleaners.
Last weekend was a church rummage sale, which was a $3 dollar bag sale, all you can stuff. I also got carried away there as well!!
Today, I made my way to another estate sale to a home that didn't have one item in it newer than 1980!!! It started in the evening, another first for me. I normally don't go on those days, but this sale looked so good, I just had to!! I came out with two bags full and might go back on Saturday for the bargains.
Hope the bargains come your way!!!


Amy said...

Love your finds. The little pink striped dress is my look beautiful in it. What will you do with all those gloves?


roseylittlethings said...

Love your finds, I sooo love the robe, now I need one;) Draggin 4 kids to an estate sale in minutes, should be interesting! HA

Rosie said...

What GREAT vintage clothes!I know what you mean about feeling like you stepped out of a movie! They don't make clothes like they used to. I recently found a 2pc chiffon robe and nitie from the 60's for $1. I feel like Doris Day in it! Can't wait to see pics of your other finds.

Solanah said...

You lucky gal! It seems that you find the best stuff, I love that bow top!


Hi Emily!!!
WOW you scored big time there friend!! Good for you!!! Don't you just LOVE bargins and I love to DIG too!!!
Happy 4th !!
Deb :)

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