Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Weekend Behind Again

Summer sales have really started to pick up around here, hence my absence from blogging. I have been to two of the most wonderful sales since the start of June. I am so excited to share my finds!!
A few days ago I took Pumpkin to visit my grandma who is doing a few weeks of rehab at a local nursing home. She was so happy to see Pumpkin. My mom and I fixed her up real cute complete with a yellow bow in her hair to match her yellow collar. Pumpkin has just about lost all of her baby teeth now and is growing up so fast. Grandma is doing much better and is looking forward to coming home in a few days.
Last weekend I went to a lovely estate sale close to home. I went on the last day, as I had just found it on Everything was half off of the already low prices.

This drum table was purchased for $7.50 and is in pretty good shape.

I added this recipe box to my collection for only 50 cents.

I also took home this vintage parasol for only 50 cents.

This cute little vintage birthday card will find its way to my etsy.

Also finding its way to my etsy is a vintage shirtwaist dress that isn't pictured in this post. It is so cute, black and white and a larger size too!!

The lady who lived in the house had tons of vintage fabric, although most of it was polyester. I did end up taking all the vintage feed sack that was left for 50 cents a piece.

There were tons of vintage table clothes at this sale. Mostly Christmas ones. I took the one pictured above and two others; one of which will head to etsy.

This is one of the other vintage Christmas linens I took, a table runner. I love the design and was glad that I took both of them instead of just getting one.

My favorite find of the day. I know how hard it is to find vintage fall/Halloween anything and was so excited when the lady said I could take this off the table and buy it!!!

It's in near perfect condition!!

I also purchased a jar of vintage buttons. It was so much fun to sort through them all.
Today I went back to an estate sale that I went to on Friday morning. It has to be one of the best sales I have ever been to!!! More on this later!


roseylittlethings said...

I have that exact table, my mom gave it to me, she painted it white, I love it! Great finds!! The parasol is amazing!

Amy said...

You take great pictures, Emily. I will start having you do all the photos for my blog ;)

I liked all your finds.....and I love the pic of Gram and Pumpkin.



Nice finds Emily!!
Sweet photo of your Grandma.
Off to see what's on your esty..
Deb :)


Would you email about the Christmas linens that you are going to sell. I'd like to how more about them.