Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sign up for the Livin' Vintage Newsletter!

I touched briefly on my new newsletter in my Coming Attractions post, but I wanted to share more details. 

Many vintage blogs have their own newsletter, many of which I subscribe to.  It's fun to get that email once a month -- it's like have a free magazine subscription!  I wanted my newsletter to combine all my favorite vintage loves: fashion, film, old paper, and freebies.

When you subscribe, you will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD for an exclusive 1944 interview with Joan Crawford.  It's from a Motion Picture magazine and contains some real sensational stuff!

The newsletter will be mailed out on or around the last Friday of the month.  There's no pressure to keep subscribing if you decide it's not your thing -- but if you do decide to keep on reading here's just some of the things I have planned:

-what's coming up on the blog the following month
-exclusive Livin' Vintage Shop previews, get the shop scoop before anyone else
-special newsletter only Livin' Vintage Shop sales, coupon codes, and offers
-tons of vintage fashion inspiration right in your inbox direct from vintage magazines
-freebies, downloads, and pdf patterns
-a good dose of classic Hollywood gossip as seen in fan magazines of the time

Basically, I am planning on using the newsletter as a companion to this blog, offering up exclusive content that won't be available here.  I am taking my love for fan magazines and vintage periodicals and creating my own by pulling directly from the source in order to share with all of you.  I can't wait!


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