Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meet Bunny

Bunny Moreno is the pretty lady behind the blog, Bunny's Victory.  After the birth of her third child, Bunny did a pin-up shoot as a way to reconnect with herself as a woman and quickly fell down the rabbit hole known as vintage living.  Her blog chronicles this journey, sharing how she manages to balance life as a momma to three kiddos with her passion for all things vintage.

"Be victorious!" she says.  Why? "Because I truly believe we can each face our challenges head on, rise above them, grow, and be prosperous."  A great message!

Bunny is also the cofounder of the ezine, Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine, which I have written for in the past.  Catch up on back issues HERE.

Recently, Bunny has started a Doctor Who series on her blog, where she shares outfits inspired by the show and her passion for the show.  I love the cute outfits she creates -- inspiring readers to incorporate their passions into their day lives -- and she might just have convinced me to check out the show!

Find Bunny Here: