Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Midland Flea Market 2013 Haul

kitsch vintage chalkware
| 1970 Miller Studio Chalkware, $8 for the pair |

The fall season is always marked by a few things for me.  The leaves changing colors, brisk temperatures, and the Midland Flea Market.  Although held three times a year, I make the two hour drive but once a year for the September show.  There's something about strolling around a bunch of old stuff when the temps drop.  In the future, I might consider checking out the spring show, but the fall show will always be my favorite.

butterscotch bakelite wedge bakelite carved bakelite
| three bakelite bracelets, $45 |

Every year my haul seems to get smaller and smaller.  Part of that is because I have really fine tuned what I buy to keep for myself and part of it is because I am out on the hunt more now that I sell vintage full time, so I find more stuff throughout the year. The longer I do this, the less stuff I buy it seems.  This is good for both my pocketbook and my storage.

I couldn't pass up those cute chalkware pieces -- which I collect -- or the bakelite bracelets, a steal at $15 each!  I don't have a ton of carved/decorative pieces, so these were a welcome addition to my collection.  The wedge bracelets seem to somewhat rare and I think they will be fun to wear together or alone.

vintage christmas candy cane bottle brush tree
| vintage bottle brush candy cane, $8 |

I don't buy a lot of vintage Christmas items much anymore.  I have amassed a nice size collection and only add to it when I spot really amazing pieces.  I am a sucker for anything vintage bottle brush and was excited to score this one for less than $10.

The market seemed to be a bit larger than the past two year, which was a welcome sight.  It's good to see it picking back up again, as this is truly one of my most favorite vintage shopping attractions a year.


Megan said...

It's interesting that you mentioned your haul lessens as you go. I am new to blogging but not to collecting vintage clothing and I've experienced the same thing you have. When I first started I just used to buy anything that was vintage but now I've honed in on a decade, the 60's. My wallet is a little happier now haha.

Sarah K. said...

What fun chalkware finds. I on't have any but my mom did when I was little and they bring back happy kitchen memories.

Desiree said...

3 Bakelite bracelets for $45? You made out like a bandit!

-Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

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