Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost Vintage

So, I completely missed Film Fashion Friday this week, sorry guys!! Last week and weekend were super busy, filled with lots of hanging out with friends, which was definitely much needed!

I wore this outfit a while back and somehow it got lost on my computer. Well better later than never at all. Pretty much everything I am wearing is modern except for the skirt and the purse, they are both vintage, most likely 50s. I found this skirt about a month ago at one of the vintage clothing shops near by and was super excited about it. I have been wanting one of those Mexican inspired circle skirts for a long time! Instead of hiding the ties on the skirt, I opted to just tie a simple knot in front. I think wearing the Swirls are getting to me. ;)


Modern Sweater, Tank Top, Shoes: Target

50s Purse: Salvation Army


Heidi Ann said...

You look great in hat outfit, and I LOVE your skirt!

Stefanie Valentine said...

You look lovely and I do love that skirt!

Deb said...

Beautiful Skirt! I love the colors in it!

MarieBayArea said...

that handbag is really really cute and pretty. i love the beautiful color and print of your skirt too.