Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Michigan Modernism Exposition Plus! A few tips for setting up at shows

Sorry for the silence around these parts, the last week or so was filled with prep for the Michigan Modernism Exposition held this past weekend in Southfield, Michigan.

I had a space that wrapped around the corner of a brick wall, so I utilized the corner by placing my grid walls there -- a perfect way to use a corner to your advantage.  Since I didn't have walled space that I could use to further display items, I bought along a screen to hang items from; another great tip for how to get some vertical space at shows.  The screen was also helpful to hide extension cords and an unused door.

So, I finally invested in one of those nifty foldable shelving units that so many other antique dealers are fond of using.  I found this one at a thrift store, but I do plan on purchasing some more because these things are SO handy!!  I can't believe I haven't been using these until now!

Just a short little recap for now, but look for a whole series on setting up at shows next month!


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