Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sponsor in August

Interested in promoting your shop, blog, or business on Livin' Vintage?  I would love it if you did!

Over the past month, Livin' Vintage has gained many more followers via both blog readers and social media.  Now is a great time to grab an ad for steal of a deal.  Ads now start at just $5 a month!

Ads come in three sizes and run for 30 days, rotating with each page load to allow for equal exposure for each sponsor.  If you need help designing an ad, I would be more than happy to help!

About Livin' Vintage
*781+ Followers via Bloglovin and Feedly
*719+ Combined Followers via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media
*Over 5,600 page views last month

What You Get

-Featured: Own blog post and promotion on facebook, pinterest, instagram.  Also featured on monthly sponsor round-up.
-Large: Own blog post and featured in monthly sponsor round-up
-Medium: Featured in monthly sponsor sound-up

I am always open to sponsored giveaways, sponsored outfit posts, (as long as they adhere to the theme of my blog) and swapping ad spaces.


This is the last month I am using passionfruit ads.  Starting in September, they are going to start charging a membership fee, so if anyone knows of a different ad hosting website that does not charge a membership, please let me know!