Thursday, April 5, 2012

All work and no play....

...makes Emily a very dull blogger! Two weeks from today I will have completed all my course work for my Masters degree and will be able to regain my life! :)

I want to thank all my followers who have chosen to stay with me during the lull in postings. You guys are the best!!

During the research process for my thesis, I have come across some really neat resources for viewing vintage magazines online and in archives. For example, the Michigan State University Special Collections allows practically anyone to come and comb through their extensive collection of vintage magazines, both movie fan magazines and women's interest. You are even allowed to take pictures of the pages. Bowling Green State University also has a similar collection.

If you still want to check out old magazines and cannot access these collections or would rather do it at home, the Media History Digital Library has tons of digital copies of early fan magazines for you to view. Their most stand out piece (IMO) is their collection of early Photoplay. While the collections are limited to publications related to media and film history, for vintage fans, the website is certainly still valuable. Being able to view early fashion spreads in these magazines is so interesting and definitely inspiring! Plus, I am a huge advocate for the preservation of these publications and websites like these are important to keep the cause going.

If anyone knows of similar websites, do share in the comments!

Hope to back back soon!!