Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been rainy a lot here lately, hence my lack of outfit posts. I find it hard to get inspired about dressing when it is gloomy outside. There have also been a lack of good sales and thrifting here. Where has all the vintage gone???? I have been having to rely on eBay for new old clothes. Hopefully this will change as the weather gets nicer.

Today, my mom and I took my grandma out for a bit. Our day consisted of a visit with her sister and a quick stop at Sonic for some dinner. I got this dress a while back on eBay and was pretty upset when I opened it. The seller had not disclosed the numerous stains around the lap part of the dress. I really liked it otherwise, so I opted to keep it and see what I could do with the stains. I managed to fade them a bit, but there are still there. They kinda get lost in the print of the dress. Plus the dress zips up the front, one of my favorite designs.


Dress: eBay

Sweater: Target

Shoes: ReMix

Bag: Estate Sale